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tv   Headline News  RT  July 13, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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edward snowden says he wants to stay in russia and will comply with the kremlin's condition harming the u.s. washington meantime. providing a platform for the whistleblower. lawyers for the guantanamo bay detainees say there's no indication a mass hunger strike is ending despite u.s. officials claiming most of the protesting prisoners have one meal for the first time since february. and violence in belfast as clashes break out of the annual orange order parade despite a very heavy police presence. within hears from a syrian rebel spokesman he says the front is tearing itself apart.
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militant. opposition. this is r t with. the week's top headlines here thanks for joining us lawyers have pledged support for edward snowden's application for refuge in russia following his meeting with russian and international human rights activists at moscow's sheremetyevo airport of course that's where he's been holed up for now well the past three weeks let's get the latest details he has. expressed his gratitude to the countries that have suggested they would take him in these include the likes of venezuela bolivia. but it's becoming apparent that it's increasingly difficult for him to get to these countries not only because of a lack of paperwork but also because of the mary. because aggressive pursuit of him
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which led to the grounding of people living in president's plane over european aspace of course last week and edward snowden says that such the such an aggressive proceeds is not just endangering his life but also the lives and liberties of other people as well which is why he's got these human rights groups and lawyers involved in it also because of the difficulty in traveling is why he's got russia involved as well applying for political asylum and whether his application is successful or not only time will tell but the indication is that it will be granted russian lawmakers are just left off was in the meeting yesterday and indicated that snowden's application would be looked upon favorably snowden no says that conditions are acceptable he can get it i think he really. satisfies the requirements for a political refugee human rights activists of lawyers who were there. at the end of the war agreeing he was prosecuted for political reasons rather than on legal
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grounds but russia has played this very much by the book from the start initially of course when he was in the transit zone the argument was simple from russia's point of view he doesn't come under our jurisdiction he hasn't crossed the border he's not in russian territory we don't have a decision to make the president starts and russia's stance has always been that edward snowden will not be extradited to the united states of course america a country that still has the death penalty that remains the case now he's applied for asylum in russia and says he will meet the criteria laid out and they were of course that he stops these leaks or stop the actions harm our u.s. partners is the decision for the russian authorities to make but i think it's becoming increasingly apparent as well that president vladimir putin doesn't really want this to become a major issue between the united states and russia tensions between the two countries great at the moment and i think this is an issue that both countries could do without now both presidents barack obama and vladimir putin did have a phone. conversation late on friday the exact details of what was discussed is
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unknown but i think it's fair to say that russia will be keen to maybe try and score some simple points over the united states but this doesn't become too much of a thorny issue between the two. parties poles go for the in the meantime the whistleblower is meeting with human rights activists as cause yet another outburst of criticism from washington demanding snowden be directly handed over the latest from d.c. that he's gotten a chick at the white house has basically accused russia of providing quote a propaganda platform for edward snowden this is washington's reaction to edward snowden's meeting with russian human rights activists at the moscow airport take a listen i would simply say that providing a propaganda platform for mr snowden runs counter to the russian government's previous declarations of russia's neutrality and that they have and that they have no control over his presence in the airport it's also incompatible with russian assurances that they do not want. mr snowden to further damage u.s.
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interests. we know that president obama and president putin discussed edward snowden over the phone we don't know how that conversation went but the obama administration's latest statements can give us an idea the state department has earlier reiterated washington's disappointment over snowden's meeting with human rights activists suggesting that somehow russian authorities could have a should have barred edward snowden from speaking take a listen we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airports transit zone to meet with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden you're disappointed that they looked on into their own airport and learned well that they facilitated this event of course why because this gave a forum going to be should have before as before you forfeited his right to freedom
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of speech as well met miss mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted under serious. serious criminal charges brought in these eastern district of virginia in the united states i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on charges forfeited their right to free speech it's very interesting how washington now uses the word propaganda referring to edward snowden's speech basically suggesting that somehow russia should deny him free speech the journalist who challenge the state department spokesperson sort of showed how ridiculous that sounds coming from the u.s. it almost sounds like would you please silence that guy we don't like what he's saying one could just imagine what the u.s. reaction would be to a similar call from russia if it were let's say some russian whistleblower who stood up for civil liberties in russia and was asking for asylum in the u.s. not hard to guess what the reaction would be regardless of what russians think
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about snowden according to the most recent polls fifty five percent of americans do snowden as a whistleblower and only thirty four percent consider him a traitor so the majority of americans do not think what edward snowden is saying is propaganda. a reporter from washington ati's gone to canned and stephen cohen a professor of russian and slavic studies at new york university and believes edward snowden's case has landed moscow and washington in quite a predicament this is a classic case of the testing of leadership both in moscow and washington neither leader neither obama nor putin can be happy about mr snowden sitting in the moscow airport who didn't invite him to show but he can't toss him for various political reasons obama needs to show he's tough on snowden. i can't believe that the united states actually wants to put snowden on trial because if it was a fair trial or
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a legal trial all snowden would have the right to subpoena american officials who have knowledge of all this intelligence is exposed that would not be so i think there is a vested interest both with obama and putin to find a way to solve this problem so that neither is damaged politically so will now study what kind of leaders they are. now south american nations belonging to the trade bloc of now recall that their own basket is for talks from european countries involved in the grounding of the bolivian president's plane that's according to the euro gwion foreign minister the member states of also slammed washington for what they called a neo colonial mindset washington's unrelenting pressure on latin american governments is a blatant disregard of international law that's according to human rights activist peter tatchell. what the united states government is doing is seeking to obstruct snowden's bid to seek asylum not to get asylum but to seek asylum it is bullied
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and menaced and threatened other countries around the world to not grant him asylum and to not give air space so that a flight can take him to another country that is a direct attack upon the united nations refugee convention and it is shocking and appalling there's supposedly democratic government the united states with the collusion of european governments including the government here in britain has been conspiring together to not allow our mr snowden to make a valid asylum application there is no way that he is a spy he has not contacted any foreign spy agencies he's not divulge any information to foreign governments here simply expose the fact that united states national security agency and britain's spy agency g c h q have been snooping inspiring upon millions of innocent private citizens that is not spying charge he
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is a whistleblower and he deserves asylum of course here at r.t. we've been following the developments and winston's cases from the very outset and you can find all the latest on the leaks and the asylum controversy online right now of course r.t. dot com. meantime on the program u.s. officials claim that most of the hunger strike and detainees at guantanamo bay have eaten a meal this for the first time since their protests began more than five months ago of lawyers for the captives say that doesn't mean the strike is going to end forty five prisoners are still being force fed and what are u.s. federal judge islam as a painful humiliating and degrading process is more important i reports. ninety nine of those one hundred and two men on strike have eaten a meal within the past twenty four hours according to the deputy director of public
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affairs at get mo samuel house he says that most of the prisoners took part in a meal of lamb to break the first day of fast during the muslim holy period of ramadan which lasts through the month now during ramadan observance abstain from food or drink from sunrise to sunset the prisoners who have eaten are still considered hunger strikers because the u.s. military requires several days of sustained eating and minimum caloric intake before a prisoner is removed from the list of hunger strikers now u.s. military officials say forty five of the prisoners are still on the forced forced feeding list meaning they can be strapped down and fed a liquid nutrient mix through a nasal gastric tube on monday a u.s. federal judge called the procedure a quote painful humiliating and degrading process that comment was made in a ruling in which she said she had no with already to order
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a stop of of the force feeding that's been ongoing at guantanamo bay now get moved fishel say out of respect for the prisoners religious believes the forced feedings will only be carried out at night during ramadan now so far what's not clear is if they get mowed detainee's in time to completely abandon their hunger strike or if the evening is a temporary reprieve during the holy month of ramadan now some lawyers for the prisoners remain very skeptical of the lead us reports coming from u.s. officials because they say the u.s. military has tried to downplay the hunger strike from the very beginning the very beginning which is david more than five months ago now the protest at guantanamo has continued to raise awareness in the u.s. and throughout the world and it has forced u.s. president barack obama to renew his efforts to close the island prison were one hundred sixty six men are still languishing. in the meantime though u.s.
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public defender cost warner he represents the detainees he says they don't intend to stop their hunger strike that is until barack obama delivers on his long running pledge to close the prison the president has the power to released eighty six men right now and we've heard noises that he intends to do so but we've seen no action since that speech and i believe you're still going to have a number of hunger strikers until we see people transferred that's just the bottom line hopefully the military has started to engage the men and is doing positive steps to end the hunger strike again all of us hope that it does and i hope that my clients are eating and i don't want them to starve i don't think any lawyer does but at the same time we are waiting for president obama to do what he said he would do and that is to transfer the innocent men eighty six innocent man. well i still to come here and see that atomic rage investigate why the india's largest power plant is sparking mass protests and what could be behind the environmental drive to
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get rid of nuclear energy. an investigation by the way into a blast at a mosque in the u.k. as the muslim community fears a further rise in islamic sentiment a moron that. we
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speak your language. will use programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. a little too in the. story. of. the spanish. visit. this is fifteen minutes from now the kaiser report but for the meantime four police officers and an have been injured in belfast after the annual pro british protestant parade ton violent with several fires burning across the city and more than six hundred police drafted in from across the u.k. used water cannons to disperse the angry mobs correspondent she found herself right
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in the middle of it. right next to. this it's a. little. in the front right. the. wrong thing. to. sort of. coming. down from the break i think that. once again. around the. detention. this would be able.
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to number. as well as some of the. little bit of. a lot of questions that will be off about whether anything being done to prevent this kind of thing from happening a. lot from moscow and the civil war within a civil war and that's the situation said to be brewing in syria where a top rebel commander has been shot dead by islamist militants of the free syrian army officer was ambushed by al qaeda linked fighters an f.s.a. official says that they received threats from the islamists to kill all of the rebel come on those are the various factions of the syrian opposition who have been unable to form a united front against government forces which certainly have been on the offensive
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across the country and the latest outbreak of infighting is also still. fears that weapons smuggled to the rebels could end up in the hands of extremists a free syrian army spokesman zakim allah says radical islamists have hijacked the struggle against assad and the west should be extremely cautious and arming them. there's no guarantee that these weapons. won't be bored with you know the job at the most strongly and there's no guarantee that the police and army can contain these weapons i think initially. you know and if america wants to see these weapons they should sit down with. the judge had almost sort of. caught off and say listen guys we are willing to argue so long as we work out a contract that. said he dropped the arms he dropped the arms and give them back to the rebels who then supplied will give about two hours or just completely drop them and the syrians themselves of sort of their internal issues are to have
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a problem with the world right now sitting down and negotiating something with you know the so-called al qaida or jump at the mossad because jughead the most are are now a leading forefront in the spite against as they are the ones that you would find that most of the front lines they're the ones who have to tear up into the heart of forces so i think if you want this revolution to come to an end and a successful one i think that the world should sit down for work get a temporary contract with the rebels including. how to look and work out something where they can oust as said sooner than later. to egypt which is seeing yet more rallies with tens of thousands joining marches demanding the ousted president mohamed morsi be reinstated by the protests come amid a crackdown on the country's islamist movement with a chance that the bloodshed on the arrests of the muslim brotherhood says morsy supporters will stay in the streets until their demands are met on his opponents of
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more demonstrations of their own the country's military which would move the president from power is trying to prepare for a fresh parliamentary and presidential elections america meantime has joined the german foreign ministry and calling for morsi to be released. into iraq for the world update here on r t more than thirty killed after a teashop was bombed in kota cook iraq the city often the scene of sectarian violence that houses our robes codes on turks all together now the u.n. says in the past one month seven hundred have died across the country. at least six are being killed dozens injured when a passenger train derailed and hit a crowded platform south of paris a rescue a search for people under the debris throughout the night the french president did visit the scene promising a thorough investigation. british police are investigating a nail bomb explosion at a mosque in the u.k. town of tipton of the fourth such attack in a month and this incident came on the day of the funeral of soldier lee rigby he
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was murdered in broad daylight by islamic extremists. the most capping to be nearly empty and luckily nobody was hurt but people in the area saying that they're extremely shaken that they're now going to be looking over their shoulder next time they go to that place of worship now this is happening on the day of the funeral the private funeral of a british soldier drummer lee rigby who was killed in an islamist terror attack in woolwich in may since then there's been a real spike in islamophobia to tax across the country so tensions are certainly on the rise and people speaking outside the mosque saying that they are. not feeling very comfortable tall about this now as to who may be responsible for this attack it's much too early to speculate the police haven't said anything yet but there's already speculation on the internet they're saying that this potentially could be a reprisal for the death of drum of the rigby by perhaps the far right movement we've seen a number of attacks against north mosques in the past months so it's definitely
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part of a worrying trend now to talk about this further i'm joined by fear as a gal from the charity faith matters now there's a very worrying survey that recently came out saying that two thirds of britons believe that there's going to be a clash of the civilizations between white britons and between muslims living in the u.k. do you envisage these sorts of tensions getting worse in the u.k. and i think certainly we're seeing localized areas where there are where there are heightened tensions particularly with volved i think in general. this theory of a clash of civilizations will take place and take root to the united kingdom but a lot of the. issues of localised tensions particularly with the english defense league that comes in and tries to manipulate those tensions we sold our post which we said that in other areas so really low clouds tensions may take place but the national picture thankfully we're not going to have these kind of issues playing
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out much more why delivery systems are thank you very much for your comments well the investigation into this incident at the most contempt and is still underway is being treated as an attempted terrorist attack and already a number of muslims in the area as i said saying that they feel extremely unsafe in the light of the most recent attack and to india now where the supreme court may have given the final nod to the commissioning of the country's largest power plant but the move certainly hasn't calmed the scandal around it the station has split locals into those who claim it's crucial for the economy it's a major health hazard. reports. this may have seemed as a minor peaceful protest but it seriously stalled one of india's most ambitious projects the first energy block of the nuclear power station destined to solve a growing electricity problem for millions was due to be launched in twenty eleven but because of these fishermen protesting against what they see as an environmental
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threat india's high court refused to give the go ahead for the station to start working however protesters were forced to declare they were acting in good faith with no foreign financing a small amount of money that we need comes from our own people the fisherman contribute part of every once in two weeks but not everyone quite bought that india's prime minister accused western states of derailing india's nuclear program . difficulties because these n.g.o.s mostly i think based in the us don't appreciate the need for all countries to increase energy. this protest is not a one off rallies organized by non-governmental organizations targeted to other projects in india mining was also hit by unrest leading to multi-million dollar losses and severely hampering development and your. local. tribal people. that these people are coming to expect.
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and do laundry and you can do will all be deprived of all these things after one of the program. u.s. officials have been staunchly denying all that a geisha is that washington had a hand installing projects in india but experts say this has been a tactic employed by the state department for more than a quarter of a century so the state department or any agency for international development spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fund a series of n.g.o.s which are not the government's organizations the organizations that supposedly promote democracy that's their official line is n.g.o.s really are the tip of the iceberg. this portion of a larger agenda of the united states and of the western powers transnational elites is going to follow the same patterns that we've seen. around the world with n.g.o.s ation with the indian leadership is clearly concerned about these prospects the
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last known data on the financing of indian n.g.o.s was published in twenty eleven back then the government established that twenty two thousand organizations had received a total of more than two billion dollars coming from abroad six hundred fifty million of which allegedly came from the united states this year new delhi has yet to publish such reports but government sources claim that nowadays this funding has dwindled to almost nothing the bank accounts of more than seven hundred such organizations have been frozen and legislation against foreign agent activities has been toughened and while activists bristle over what they believe to be a suppression of freedoms in the country often described as the world's most populous democracy india's economists say that numerous vital projects including the nuclear power station will now get the green light. it is a time to talk money matters here with max keiser as they see how the cars reported just.
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remember how all the sudden an afghan card protest group became world famous and in were completely forgotten by the next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by german actress on a book the actress claims a german t.v. channels e.d.f. paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activist band show said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarceration it would be very odd for an actress to just make up a bribery scandal especially one she was complicit in but it makes you wonder just how many other people's e.d.f. may have been given a little extra motivation to cry travesty overall i think that most important of
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what her public revelation is that she said that you know what it's a bit dumb when actors talk about politics and i couldn't agree with her more but that's just my opinion. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know the free markets punish dumb
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investment decisions and the stupid investors who made them that's the textbook theory it's called market justice and rigged markets don't investment decisions and stupid investors are rewarded and coddled with money printing and belts that's the american way the american fact is it rigged market injustice and the more don't investors and their stupid investment decisions are allowed to thrive the more rigged the markets necessarily become but when justice is tonight the world is all was turned to the vigilantes a whether it was the bond vigilantes in the days gone by or the balance sheet vigilantes in our first deadline anonymous analytics tell us i got to find out more about this i need to know more stacy her tell me more well max keiser anonymous is in the first headlines and they have a headline about one of your favorite companies out there corrections corps of america that c.c.a. anonymous exposes us as big.


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